XVenture Schools Program - Certificate in Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership contains a fully structured and proven 12- 16- week curriculum designed for teachers in a school to lead a group of students through.

Spurred on to change the rise in the prevalence of mental health- related issues the XVenture team are committed to providing tools, techniques and resources for teachers and students to change those stats with the XVenture Schools Program - Certificate in Emotional Agility, Resilience and Leadership.

This program was created and first delivered to a number of schools in NSW three years ago, and also in NSW Parliament as part of the Special Future Employment Program for 80 students from 40 different schools. It was slightly updated in March 2021 to take into account the various restrictions in place around the Globe.

Created by Prof. Mike Conway and his team of emotional agility, resilience and leadership, experiential and e-learning experts, aims to arm students with essential skills for a more successful life. The team at XVenture work with elite athletes, teams, schools, businesses and universities.

The program, provides teachers with a structured 12-16 week blended structure over six distinct phases (mix of face to face, experiential, online, group and individual study). Teachers will be able to access slides, videos, experiential challenges, articles, podcasts and more to facilitate year 10 and 11 students through the comprehensive, immersive and engaging program. 

There is a dedicated part of the platform for participating students, featuring supplementary materials - videos, articles, podcasts and even some activities to engage parents/ carers.

XVenture Schools Program - Certificate in Emotional Agility, Resilience & Leadership

  • Step by Step Educator Guide to Delivering the Six Phase Program

  • Slides, videos, articles, podcasts

  • Dedicated Educator Only Platform, with accompanying dedicated Student Platform

  • Featured in the Program: Contemporary leaders, themes and best practice blended learning opportunities


Positive Outcomes for Students

Jennifer Foldes, Assistant Principal, Magdalene Catholic High School

We have seen the positive outcome of the program in building emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership skills in students. The program is designed using experiential learning and offers students the opportunity to work in teams collaboratively and build their social skills.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Year 11 Student

The Program has helped me take a step forward in overcoming my social anxiety and being vocally active.

Strive to be the Best

Year 10 Student

The most important lesson I learnt from the program is not to settle for average, but strive to be the best.
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